Ekos Patauá: know the story behind the birth of a new Natura product

6 de December de 2017

When a Natura consumer comes in contact with one of our products, either in a magazine or in the stores, he/she is usually unaware of the story behind that bottle. For it’s a long journey from the moment a new line is conceived to the arrival of the final product on the shelves. It involves multiple steps. And this is a story of research, technology and innovation.

Natura invests in science to ensure its consumers have access to the best in the segment of beauty and wellness, combining cutting-edge research with traditional knowledge.

The goal: to extract the richest ingredients from nature, always relying on sustainable and safe practices, for the community and the local ecosystem. The Ekos Patauá line knows this story well.

It was about ten years ago that Natura began to study the Patauá, a leafy Amazonian palm where oil is extracted from its fruit and traditionally used in Amazonian gastronomy, as cooking oil, as well as for strong and shiny hair, according to the field research conducted by Natura. At the time, the company was looking for suitable ingredients for new products. The survey, part of a larger project, generated a “collection” of vegetable oils, among them, that of the Patauá.

This “library” of raw materials is key to Natura’s development process. By investigating the ingredients, through advanced genetic and molecular mapping techniques, the company is able to identify its unique benefits, and direct them to specific applications such as the creation of a new product line. This was the case of Ekos Patauá.

The research and innovation area of Natura had already identified a potential use for the Patauá oil in hair, and gradually, the pieces fit together. In 2015, the scientific community announced at a congress the discovery of a biological mechanism that could extend the growth phase of hair, resulting in firmer strands.

Natura’s research team then turned to the ingredient bank and, through a battery of tests, identified that Patauá oil had a positive effect on this mechanism, called JAK-STAT.

There was then a consensus with the marketing area where the project took shape. A phasing project was established in 2014, with the aim of structuring the plant and the industrial production chain. With all the pieces in place, we finally got the green light for the development of a new product with the bioactive oil of the Patauá.

Today, three years after the start of the experimental stage, the Ekos Patauá line is in stores for consumers to experience its fortifying effects on fragile and brittle hair. It has been a long journey from the beginning of the research up to its launch, and in the next texts, you will get to know a little more about each of these stages. From the field work and the extraction of the Patauá oil to the research on the biological mechanism acting on the hair. Don’t miss out!