Discover the secret of Natura’s soap that helps our microbiota, the microscopic realm in your skin

6 de December de 2017

Understanding the role of the microbiota, an ecosystem of millions of microorganisms that inhabit the human body and help in its functioning, is the first step towards a major change when it comes to cleansing and taking care of the skin.

Today, thanks to state-of-the-art research involving what is most advanced in the field of biological knowledge, we now know that each individual has his/her own microbiota as a personal and non-transferable signature. Thus, bacteria ceases to be the “number 1 enemy” and is seen as an ally that must be treated in the appropriate way. It may sound strange at first, but it makes sense. The microbiota protects the skin from external bacteria, which can cause harm.
The challenge then is to create products that continue to cleanse the skin in the best possible way, but without interfering with the ecosystem of the microbiota, ensuring that the skin remains protected.

That’s where Natura’s Naturé Fom Fom soap enters the picture. It’s an example of how a personal care product can do its cleansing job while ensuring the maintenance of the human microbiota.
When we wash our hands, there is a natural reduction in the amount of microorganisms in the skin. The problem is that during this “reduction”, prior to the recovery of the microbiota to normal levels, pathogens can seize and invade the skin, taking the place of beneficial bacteria and causing problems. This is where the innovation of Naturé Fom Fom comes in.

It’s Natura’s soap that allows the microbiota to recover from the washing while remaining at levels similar to the previous cleaning moment and preventing the entry of potentially harmful external agents. This is because Naturé Fom Fom soap creates a protective “shield” on the skin, which allows the original population of microbiota to recover, while undesirable microorganisms are kept out.

Luciana Vasquez, Natura’s Science Manager, explains that the ecosystem inhabited by the microorganisms of our skin can be compared to a room full of chairs. While the seats are occupied by commensal bacteria, beneficial to the body, there is no problem. But when they are emptied, it’s like a green light for the transients, the ones that cause damage such as inflammations and other diseases. Therefore, according to Luciana, it’s important to have a protective shield that can keep the door sealed shut while the original microbiota recovers.

This is a concrete example of how research around the microbiota can lead to the development of smarter and more consumer-friendly products for Natura users. And that’s why the company invests so much in innovation and technology. This ensures that the products are up to par with the most advanced knowledge so that consumers can benefit from these unique advantages.